Forward Crossovers Video mini lesson by Instructor Team Leader Alan Noble.

A video mini lesson showing the technique of the forward crossover. An important note on technique: a good way to test your technique on forward crossovers is to skate a circle slowly while listening to your pushes. The more powerful the push, the louder the push will sound, so naturally practice this until both pushes sound exactly the same in terms of loudness and duration of the push. When done correctly the stride push and the x-push generate exactly the same power.

Tip: The Pivot (Tight Turn)

One of the most important agility moves in hockey is the pivot or tight turn. Wayne Gretzky was a master of this move. He used it magically to escape defenders and accelerate into open ice with the puck.

The pivot is a forward skating move in which the player executes a tight turn and emerges from it still skating forward, but in a new direction. It is an extremely important hockey move because it gives the player numerous options.



  "Her system was the boost that helped me make it to the NHL."


Catch or Be Caught

How do you know if someone is a fast skater? The best way to find out is always by having a race. And the type of race that most often stands out in a game is the race between a skater on a break away and one back checking.


by Alan Noble, Instructor

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